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Case Studies

Patient: Male; 48 years old

1Presentation: Physician experiencing severe low back pain with radiation to anterior thigh for the past 7 weeks.

Treatment history: Previous treatment consisted of analgesics, physical therapy, and a sacroiliac belt. The pain was diagnosed as sacroiliac in origin, but was unable to wear the belt due to increased discomfort.

Physician evaluation: Points of spontaneous pain involved the upper half of the buttock as far as the sacroiliac joint medially and the anterior thigh. These points were within a zone of tenderness which involved the T12, L1 and L2 dermatomes. There was trunk tenderness paravertebrally at points corresponding to the peripheral distribution.

Resolution: Paravertebral infiltration at these levels caused immediate cessation of pain. There was no recurrence 4 years after the first injection.