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Case Studies

Patient: female; 37 years old

1Presentation: Experiencing severe pain in abdomen of over two years, and has lost 15 pound during that time.

Treatment history: Cholecystectomy and laparotomy 6 months previous to examination appeared to have aggravated pain. Routine blood and urine studies, as well as x-rays, revealed normal findings.

Physician evaluation: Examination revealed tenderness of T7, T8, T9, and T10. Moderate spasm of the paraspinal muscles was detected on the right side and paravertebral trunk tenderness to pressure at points corresponded to the peripheral tender zone. The patient walked with spine slightly flexed, stating that this made the pain more bearable.

Resolution: Treatment consisted of nerve block of the involved area and short wave diathermy. After 18 bi-weekly treatments she was completely free of pain. Two years later, there had been no recurrence and no tenderness could be found.