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Case Studies

Male; 21 years old

1Presentation: Patient was struck in low back and thrown to ground approximately 1 year ago. Since then he has complained of pain in the right groin “in the crease” with aggravation of symptoms during walking, bending or lifting.

Treatment history: Patient has been examined several times and was treated without relief of pain.

Physician evaluation: Examination revealed a zone of tenderness involving the T12 and L1 nerves, and a ¾-inch shortening of the right leg. no muscle spasms were detected and the inguinal ring was intact. X-rays of spine were negative. A heel lift plus paravertebral infiltration of these nerves caused immediate and complete cessation of pain.

Resolution: Two injections of SARAPIN® were followed by applications of diathermy to the lumbar spine. Several months later there was no history of recurrence.