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Injection Techniques: Overview

This section offers brief technique overviews shown to produce satisfactory results in representative cases treated with SARAPIN®. Although local infiltration into peripheral areas may give relief from pain, it is generally more satisfactory to treat the source of the pain through the paravertebral route.

General Considerations

  • Discuss proposed procedure and obtain written informed consent from patient
  • A thorough knowledge of anatomy will facilitate nerve root injection
  • Procedure should be gentle and unhurried
  • Patients should be told they will develop a local sensation following injection, limited to the distribution of the nerve injected.Temporary sensory phenomenon and feeling of heaviness Small percentage of cases may feel heat or temporary aggravation of symptoms
  • Current standards of care regarding safe and sterile injection technique should be employed, including imaging guidance when needed
  • Ensure that all required materials are prepared and ready, and patient is correctly positioned for the procedure
  • Retain patient in a recumbent position for 10 to 15 minutes following injection

Successful application of SARAPIN® for the control of parietal pain by means of injection requires a thorough working knowledge of anatomy and physiology in addition to the materials provided here.