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What is Chronic Pain?

Pain can be viewed as an acute or chronic condition based on its duration and onset.

Pain is a ubiquitous and complex sensory and emotional experience that can seriously impact patient well-being, physically and psychologically.

Acute pain

  • Adaptive, beneficial response necessary for preservation of tissue integrity
  • Comes on quickly and remits with resolution of injury; usually diminished within 3 months

Chronic pain

  • Persistent pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing
  • Associated with low levels of identified pathology that does not adequately explain the presence or extent of the pain
  • Continuous or intermittent pain with or without acute exacerbations
  • Disrupts sleeping patterns and activities of daily living resulting in diminishing functional capacity and degrading effects on health



    • Chronic pain cost businesses over $61 billion annually in lost productivity and healthcare costs
    • Low back pain alone results in more than $90 billion in direct healthcare costs each year